14 March 2012

Flavour of the Week - Kaffir Lime

Also known as kieffer lime, lima purut, jerk purut or makrut lime. It is native to Indochinese and Malesian ecoregions in India, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. You can find it used throughout southeast asian cuisine.

The fruit appears rough and bumpy as well as being slightly smaller than a normal lime. Though the juice is not used too often, the rind and is commonly used in cooking and adds an aromatic and astringent flavour as well as being used in various Martinique rums.

Though the juice is considered too pungent for cooking it is used for various other purposes including, shampoos, thai ointments, freshness of breath as well as being famed for being a good stain remover.

Flavour - It's leaves are aromatic and astringent as well as having a tartness and sourness.

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