28 March 2012

Woodland Martini Film

We are very pleased to bring you the next video in our series, the Woodland Martini. Filmed and edited by Thomas Whitehead, the video gets a much more detailed breakdown of how the drink is made and the exact recipe (not including the homemade bitters).

Woodland Martini from Thomas Whitehead on Vimeo.

The drink took its original inspiration from a vivid scene depicted below.

"Imagine entering a wood still moist from the morning dew with sunlight breaking through the thin foliage that grows on the edge of the forest. As the walk takes you deeper into the trees, the mood and scene becomes denser and thickets. The light darkens and the moisture and scents grow heavy.

As the drink begins, the lighter more subtle top and middle notes from the bitters are noticeable but brief. As the drink continues it is the base notes that you begin to ride and the umami that carries the deliciousness around your palate and keeps the tastes dynamic.

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