14 March 2012

Drink Factory Orgeat Recipe

In my personal opinion, orgeat (almond syrup) is one of the most under- utilised products behind a bar. Often reserved for tiki drinks or bold fruity punches, it can offer a great amount of subtle depth and compliment much less exotic drinks. This is, as always, the advantage of making your own batch. You can control sweetness, thickness and ratios or almond and o.j blossom and make something whose profile fits perfectly within the make up of your drink.

There are many many recipes on the internet, and you might be surprised to find how simple of a recipe it can be. We thought we would add our own recipe into the fray and hopefully you can try this for yourself.

We understand not everyone has a thermomix or induction heater, if you do then brilliant. If not I've tried to suggest alternatives.

What you will need:

Thermomix -
For anyone not familiar with this piece of equipment. It is essentially 5 or 6 kitchen appliances in one, but remains incredibly robust and simple to use. It is a food processor, that also weighs, cooks, chops, steams, crushes, whips, grinds, simmers, grates ..... the list goes on. Heat setting are very accurate and range from 0 - 100c whilst inside is a sharp two pronged blade which can either be set to destroy at a high speed that can get through ice, hard candy, or solid parmesan cheese in seconds or can be set to a gentle stir to keep a mixture moving whilst it is being heated.

Induction heater -
Induction cooking uses an induction coil to heat the base of an iron pan. Anything with aluminium, copper, or non ferrous pans generally do not work as well. An induction heater is generally more efficient and quicker.

Superbag -
A superbag is essentially a very very fine sieve, or filter. It is made from an inert, flexible and heat resistant material. It is perfect for clarify and strain, at the same time so saves alot of time and water.


Marzipan - 1kg
Water - 1600ml
Sugar - 700g
O.j blossom water - 10ml


-Thermomix the marzipan with water. You can achieve a similar result by blending but it will take a longer amount of time. Ensure all of the marzipan is disolved.

-Fine strain through a super bag into a container. This will both clarify and strain the mix, you can use a normal filter however the results may not be as clear.

-Add the liquid to a pan along with the sugar and orange blossom water.

-Heat over a low temp until the sugar has dissolved. If you use a normal pan and hob just be sure to keep the mixture moving gently.

-Store in a fridge

-Homogenise for 30 sec at full power to finish


Kevin Liu said...

do you know how many microns the superbag filters down to?

DFact said...

They filter down to 100, 250, and 400 microns and generally come in 50 l., 8 l. and 1.3 l. sizes. We used a 250 micron bag for the recipe