21 December 2007

Prarie Oyster

This is a re-interpretation of the hang over cure drink the Prairie Oyster. Using a technique that they invented at elbulli to create a yolk which has a liquid centre and a gelatine casing.
I made a tomato yolk using clarified tomato juice then recoloured it to look like an egg yolk. I then added an air of Worcestershire sauce some shallots, a splash of vodka some salt some pepper and some Tabasco sauce. The shells are made from wax that was poured into a mold that was cast from oyster shells.
It is then drunk as an oyster would be eaten and what you get is the intitial flavours of the spices and the intensity o
f the air of Worcestershire, then the yolk pops and you get the clean fresh flavour of the tomato juice.

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