10 December 2007

Tokyo baby and Hello kitty

Hallo Kitty Label

These two drinks were first made conceived in March 2004 where I first started looking at delivery systems and how I could start to present cocktails differently. The inspiration came from some info on Jerry Thomas I had been given. The Tokyo Baby was based very much on observing flavour combinations of Wagashi (specialised desserts) in Japan. The second was the hallo kitty which was based on a raspberry bonbon i had tasted,the drink has quite classical proportions with extras, with the citric volume turned up so that you had a balanced drink but retained the raspberry/ vanilla creaminess. The fizzy water is poured in first the mix second so the drink retains its fizz. Every year the labels are redesigned by young designers who usually work in the restaurant or are from the local college. The bottles themselves are the water bottles from the restaurant which are sterilized and recycled.

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