21 December 2007

Super Soda

This is a cocktail that uses a suspension gel. Which is basically a liquid gelatin so that when you put bits in it they will be suspended (as can be seen in the photo) whilst the drink remains liquid.
This particular drink was based on the Tom Collins. Except instead of soda i used a mineral water I had flavoured. The flavouring was influenced by the Comme des Garcons perfume "Soda" which is a construct of oders which smell like soda (this they did by using a headspace machine and then reconstructed using artificial fragrances).
I then took these fragrance notes and reconstructed (as closely as i could using food grade essences) the smell/flavour profile. This was then used to flavour the water which was then added to a Tom Collins base. The lemon juice added was clarified. To this I added the gel, then the nutmeg caviar, crystalized lemon zests. This was all placed in the glasses and chilled.
The second incarnation of this drink I took out the caviar and the zest and added flavour bubbles. These I made by adapting a isi syphon so that i could "inject" bubbles into the drink these bubbles became suspended. The flavour came from using the same flavour essence that was used for flavoring the water. When you drank the drink you have the flavour of the drink and then little flavour explosions from the bubbles.....

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